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MIM-104 Patriot (United States)

The Patriot is a guided surface-to-air missile system for air defence from the ground. Patriot, what means Phased Array Tracking to Intercept On Target has been developed by 2 American companies: Raytheon and Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control.
The patriot system intercepts enemy threats in the sky like aircraft, ballistic missiles and cruise missiles. A fire unit of the patriot system contains a radarset (phased array radar), Engagement Control Station, a number of launch facilities with each 4 missiles and a powerful power plant and the communications.
The fire control central leads the tactical operations of the Patriot-squadron.

Since the first development of the patriot there have also been developed multiple missile version. These are: PAC-1, PAC-2 and PAC-3. PAC-1 was developed by Raytheon, PAC-2 by Raytheon, Lockheed, Siemens and Mitsubishi, PAC-3 - the best of all - was developed by Lockheed Martin Vought Systems.

The patriot is in use by: the United States (US Army), Germany, Greece, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, The Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan and soon, maybe Egypt.

the Netherlands
Since 1987 the Royal netherlands has the ability of patriot systems which had been ordered in 1984. The order contains 4 launch facilities and 160 missiles. The patriot unites are part of the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) and are stationed on GGW De Peel Air Force Base.
By the end of January 2005, Lockheed martin was awarded with a contract of the delivering of 32 modernized PAC-3 missiles for the RNLAF for a amount of 80 million euro. The missile will be delivered in the next years.
Dutch Patriots were used:
- during the first Gulf War in South-east Turkey (wild Turkey) and in Israel (Diamond Patriot) on Mount Ethan.
- in 2003 in South-East Turkey to protect the cities Diyarbakir and Batman.
- in 2013 in Turkish Adana to protect people and NATO terrain from suspected attacks from Syria.

In the future, the patriot units will operated by the Dutch Army.

United States

The United States have used the patriot in operations like: Operation Iraqi Freedom. For this they were stationed in Kuwait and Turkey (together with The Netherlands and Germany). During the invasion, Iraq had fired some 7 missiles to Kuwait but they have all been intercept by the United States. "

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Last updated: 31 december 2012