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Patria (Finland)

The Patria is an armored tracked vehicle developed by the Finnish Patria Vehicles. The vehicle has a high road mobility and off-road mobility and can be equipped with various weapons from 7.62mm till 105mm of or even a 120mm canon.
Patria can transport troops and cargo and has many seats for troops with their equipment.
The vehicle is made in modules for versatility by modular protection, signature management and DAS. The 8 wheel patria vehicle can be divided into 3 models:

- AMV Basic Model (versions like APC, IFV, Command, Ambulance, Reconnaissance, AMOS, FCT, ATGM and MGS)
- AMV System platform with a raised backdoor to work inside the vehicle (versions like C3L, Large ambulance, workplace)
- AMV Module carrier through which mission modules, weapons and other weapon systems or cargo modules based on army standard logistic systems can be mounted on one the same basic model.
* Above mentioned can also be made in 6x6 version dependent of the required space and the mission.

Specifications Patria 8x8

Length: 7.7 meter
Height: 2.3 meter
Width: 2.8 meter
Baan width: 2.5 meter
Weight: 16000-26000kg
Max. speed: >100km/h
Climb capacity: 60%
Side steep, max: 30%
Obstacles: 0.7 meters
Over trench: >2.0m
Swim speed: 10km/h (>22000kg)
Actioradius: 800km
Ballistic protection: Module ballistics protection system up to 30mm
Engine thrust: 360kW
Equipment 7 + 1
Wheel suspension
Spring type: Hydropneumatic elements with high gear
Multiple type weapons: 7.62mm - 105mm
2x 120mm mortar (AMOS)

The production of the patria vehicle started in 1984. More than 1200 have already been ordered. Users of the Patria are: Finland (124 vehicles), The Netherlands (90 vehicles), Poland (690 vehicles) and Sweden (113 with a option for 113 more). The manufacturing of the Polish vehicles will be done by the Polish National industry.

the Netherlands
In the Royal Netherlands Army the patria is used as an armored for peace-keeping operations. It can be used in the most extreme temperatures; from arctic till tropic temperature. The patria is in service with the Royal Netherlands Army and the Marine Corps and has been used during SFIR missions in Iraq.

3 x Patria from the Royal Netherlands Army

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Last updated: April 13, 2011