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Army Material-->Armored Vehicles-->YPR-765
YPR-765 (the Netherlands)

The YPR-765 is a tracked armored vehicle in use by The Royal Netherlands Army. The Royal Netherlands Army has about 1600 vehicles in different versions. At the infantry for troop transport and at the cavalry for reconnaissance. The YPR-765 was used on the Dutch operation in Uruzgan, Afghanistan.
The YPR-765 will be replaced by:
- 184 CV-9035 vehicles (from the Swedish company Hägglunds)
- 400 reconnaissance type Fennek
- 200 Boxer vehicles.

The Egyptian Army bought 431 YPR-765 vehicles from the Netherlands.

YPR-765 of the Royal Netherlands Army


YPR-765 of the Dutch Military Police

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Last updated: May 20, 2012