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Army Material-->Western Artillery-->M-109 Howitzer
M-109 Howitzer

The M-109 self-propelled howitzer was developed by the United States. It is in use by US Army and the Netherlands Army. The M-109 is the largest type of artillery systems. The M-109 has a range about 18.6 Km.
The Dutch M-109 has been used in Bosnia. Eighteen Dutch M-109 systems have been sold to Norway.
The M-109 howitzer uses ammunition with a height of 0.5 meters. The crew consists of 8; 1 commander, 1 driver, 6 operators.


Total length: 9.128 meters
Height: 2.95 meters
Width: 3.22 meters
Weight: 27000 kilograms
Engine: 8 cylinder diesel with 405 hp
Caliber : 155mm
Length boom: 6.045 meters
Additional armament: 1x .50 machine gun

2x Dutch Army M-109

German Army M-109 A3G

Spanish Army M-109 A5
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Last updated: August 15, 2010