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PZH 2000 (Germany)

The PzH2000 is a self-propelled field artillery system, developed by Germany. It is used by the German and Netherlands Army. In comparison with the M-109, the PzH2000 can be faster prepared for usage. It can also fire more rounds per minute than the M-109. The PZH 2000 is equipped with NBC protection.
the Netherlands
The PZH-2000 is the new vehicle for the Artillery in the Royal Netherlands Army. The 57 PZH-2000 have replaced the M-109 Howitzer. The PZH-2000 is only in use with the active forces. The Army reserve is still using the M-109. The crew contains 3: a driver, commander and a loader. His predecessor - the M-109 - has been used in Bosnia were they were used in real combat with normal munitions, fosfor munitions and light-munitions.

The PzH2000 was recently used by the Royal Netherlands Army in Uruzgan (Afghanistan) as part of ISAF.

Germany Germany Germany
the Netherlands the Netherlands  

Film: Dutch Army PzH2000 in Uruzgan, Afghanistan
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Last updated: August 15, 2010