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Fennek (Germany)

The Fennek is an all-wheel drive light-reconnaissance vehicle which has been developed by a corporation between the German company Krauss-Maffei Wegmann and the Dutch companies SP aerospace & vehicle systems (SP) in Geldrop and subsidiary RDM Holding, Rotterdam. The vehicle has been developed for reconnaissance on and intelligence usage.
SP in Geldrop was bankrupt. The Dutch fenneks are now being made by Dutch Defense Vehicle Systems (DDVS). This will manufacture 438 fenneks for the Dutch Army and all spring systems for the German fenneks.

The fennek is equipped with various sensor-, communication-, navigation, and night vision systems. The vehicle is able to transmit information of identified vehicles and their positions by high speed data links. They are equipped with an 1.5 meters long observers head which can be shoved in.

For self-protection the vehicle has a .50 caliber machine gun or a 40 mm automatic grenade launchers. On the back of vehicle, 6 smoke grenade launchers are mounted. Thanks to the the small height of the fennek and the extensive protection in combination with a high terrain mobility it gives a perfect protection against mines and direct fire.
The vehicle produces low noise and is very useful to gather information for friendly units of the commander.


The fennek has a actioradius of 1000 km on paved ways. The crew consists of a commander, observer and driver. The vehicle gives protection against At and AP mines. With his weight of 11 tons it can take hills up to 60% and down hills till 35%. About 612 vehicles have been manufactured for the German Army (206) and the Dutch Army (410).

The German army will get 206 fennek vehicles of which 178 reconnaissance vehicles, 24 pioneer vehicles and 4 artillery observer vehicles. The first fennek for the German army was delivered on 10 December 2003.

The Netherlands
The fennek is in service with the army artillery, army Airborne brigade, army cavalry and the royal marine corps.

There will be delivered 410 vehicles in different versions:

- 147 Light Reconnaissance- and Surveillance vehicles where of 48 for the artillery and 6 for forward air controllers (FAC)
- 130 Medium Range Antitank Weapons (MRAT-version)
- 78 for the General service (AD-version).

Some Dutch fenneks will be equipped with Stinger missile systems.

The Fennek is currently being used for the Dutch-Australian part of the ISAF mission in Uruzgan, Afghanistan (2006-2010).

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Last updated: August 15, 2010