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EJ200 Turbofan

The EJ200 turbofan engine with afterburner has been developed by a consortium of companies: AVIO (Italy), ITP (Spain), MTU Aero Engines (Germany) and Rolls-Royce (United-Kingdom). The EJ200 which produces a thrust of 60kN (13.500 pounds) and 90kN (20.000 pounds) with afterburner is specially developed for the new fighter jet of these 4 countries; the 2-engines Eurofighter Typhoon.
The 2-shaft EJ200 has a 3-stage fan, 3-stage low pressure compressor, 5-stage high pressure compressor, annular type combustion chamber, 1-stage low pressure turbine, 1-stage high pressure turbine, afterburner and a variable geometric nozzle. The Spanish company ITP has developed thrust vectoring nozzle which has been successfully tested in 1998.

In stead of a FADEC, the Eurofighter tranch 2 aircraft will get a digital engine control and monitoring unit (DECMU) which has been integrated into 1 unit.

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Last updated: August 16, 2010