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F103 / CF6 Turbofan

The F103 high-bypass turbofan engine has been developed by the American company General Dynamics on basic of the commercial CF6 engine. The F103 which has been produced in many versions produces a thrust range between 52.200 pounds and 61.500 pounds.
The F103 is being used on military aircraft like:

- United States Air Force KC-10A Extender (CF6-50C2)
- United States Air Force VC-25 Air Force One (CF6-80C2B1)
- United States Air Force C-5M Galaxy (CF6-80C2)
- United States Air Force Airborne Laser
- United States Navy E-4
- Royal Netherlands Air Force KDC-10 and DC-10 (CF6-50C2)
- Japanese and Italian Air Force KC-767

The CF6-50C2 version produces a thrust of 52.500 pounds, the CF6-80C2B1 56.700 pounds.
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Last updated: August 16, 2010