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JT8D-219 Turbofan

The JT8D-219 high-bypass turbofan engine has been developed by the American company Pratt & Whitney on the basic of the commercial JT8D motor. The JT8D-219 engine is determined as the successor of the current TF33-PW-102 engines on the 4-engine E-8C JSTARS and E-3B Sentry from the United States Air Force.
It has a power of 21,000 pounds of thrust, shorter takeoff range requirements, faster climb performance, lower fuel consumption and less maintenance costs. Thanks to this it is a lot of improved version comparable with the current TF33 low-bypass engine. The military version differs from the commercial engine by reduced infrared radiation and radar interfere. Concerning the engine noise and emission it suffices with the civil aviation regulations (FAA).

To re-engine the TF33 there is not a large modification required thanks to the same engine weight and center of gravity position. The pylons e.a. must be replaced.

The first re-engined USAF E-8C will be delivered in the beginning of 2008 and the last of 17 aircraft in 2013. Pratt & Whitney won a contract where CFM (consortium between General Electric and Snecma) as opposite with the F108 lost.
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Last updated: August 16, 2010