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T56 Turboprop

The Allison T56 turboprop engine was originally developed for the United States Air Force C-130 Hercules. The T56 with a power of 4,910 ehp was also chosen as the propulsion system for the aircraft: E-2C Hawkeye, P-3 Orion and C-2A Greyhound.

The T56 has a 14-stage axial compressor which is driven by a 4-stage turbine. The reduction box has 2 stages. The combustion chamber is a can-annular type.

Specific versions
- T56-A-14:
- T56-A-15: has air cooled turbine blades
- T56-A-423: powered the US Navy C-130 Hercules
- T56-A-425: powered the US Navy E-2C and C-2A

E-2C Hawkeye
The E-2C Hawkeye of the US Navy is equipped with 2 Allison T-56-A-14 turboprop engines.
US Navy

P-3 Orion
The P-3 is equipped with 4 Allison T-56-A-14 turboprop engines. These deliver a thrust of 4900 hp.
German Navy
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Last updated: August 16, 2010