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AGM-84 Harpoon

The A/U/RGM-84 Harpoon guided missile was developed by Boeing Integrated Defense Systems. The Harpoon which is equipped with an active radar guidance was originally developed for the United States Navy for anti-ship purposes. The Harpoon was introduced to the USN in 1977. The Harpoon can also be used from aircraft, ships, submarines and shore batteries.
The Harpoon is also being used on the USN P-3 Orion. The USAF uses the Harpoon from the B-52H which can carry from 8 to 12 missiles. The Harpoon is also in service on foreign F-15 and F-16's and in 27 countries.

An improved version is the Harpoon Block II which is equipped with an Global Positioning System-Inertial Navigation System (GPS-INS) which enables the capability for land attack.

HMS Iron Duke from the British Navy launches a harpoon missile
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Last updated: August 13, 2010