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Weapon Systems-->Smart bombs-->GBU-31 JDAM
GBU-31/32 JDAM

JDAM what stands for Joint Direct Attack Munition is one of the newest "smart" bombs of the United States. The American company Boeing is the main leader of the development with corporation of Lockheed-Martin, Honeywell, Rockwell International Collins, HR Textron, and Lockley. The GBU-31 is the 1000-pound version, the GBU-32 the 2000-pound version.
Joint Direct Attack Munition
JDAM is a weapon based on satellite guiding with powerful processors on board.
After being dropped from an aircraft like the B-2 bomber or the F-117 Nighthawk, JDAM will be lead to the target with GPS coordinates.
With a special "module" existing unguided ammunition can be modified into precision-guided ammunition thanks to the GPS system and supporting wireless navigation systems.
JDAM is not yet very useful against moving targets like tanks. Therefore a newer JDAM version is under development.

Sold to
The United States Department of Defence had ordered 74.000 JDAM bombs in the past. 80% of the bombs which were used during Operation Iraqi Freedom were smart bombs like JDAM.

JDAM is being transported with a MHU bombloader
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Last updated: April 25, 2011