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Weapon Technology-->Ammunition-->LKE II DM53

The LKE II DM52 is kinetic energy ammunition which has been developed by Rheinmetall Landsysteme in Germany.

The LKE II is also called dart ammunition and can be used against heavy armored targets.
The grenade contains a fingerstabilised dart of a heavymetal wolfram alloy and is packed in a aluminum untight machete. The machete takes care that the dart with his flippers will leave the tube flexible. When the grenade comes out of the tube the machete falls away and the grenade goes to his target with approximately 1750 m/s.
Thanks to his weight, hard of the grenade and speed the grenade is be able to penetrate each tank of this generation. When the grenade hits the vehicle it causes a enormous temperature inside the vehicle. All steal in the vehicle will melt which causes a explosion of the fuel and ammunition storage's in the vehicle. This is called the "after the place"- effect.


In contrast with the ammunition with impoverished uranium (which is used by the Americans) the temperature causes the explosion in opposite of the impoverished uranium.

LKR ammunition is used by the Dutch and German Leopard 2 A6.

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Last updated: August 13, 2010