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E-2 Hawkeye (United States)

The E-2 Hawkeye is a maritime airborne early warning aircraft to support navy forces. The E-2 has been developed by The American company Northrop Grumman.
The Hawkeye provides information of air threats, identification and position information to aircraft like the S-3 and the F/A-18 SUper Hornet. There are about 140 aircraft in service with the US Navy and 30 by other countries .



Radar and Electronics

With the radar the crew can surveillance about 550Km2. For the communication the E-2 has a Ultra High Frequency (UHF) data link and a Joint Tactical Information Distribution System (JTIDS).
The first E-2C hawkeyes which have been updated were stationed on the US Navy Aircraft carrier USS Nimitz and were operational during Operation Iraqi freedom. The aircraft has a standard crew of 2 pilots, 3 operators, 1 combat information center officer, 1 aircraft control officer and 1 radar officer.

The new version hawkeye (the E-2D) has a new radar (Lockheed Martin AN/APY-9), theatre missile defence functions and multiple sensor integration. The first E-2D made is deck landing on the USS Harry S. Truman on February 3, 2011.

The E-2C Hawkeye is/was in service with:

1. United States Navy
2. Egypt
3. Singapore
4. Taiwan
5. France
6. Israel
7. China (Taiwan)
8. Japan

1. United States Navy
The first American E-2C's which have been updated were used in Operation Iraqi Freedom. The E-2D is planned to replace the E-2C in the US Navy by 2015. The USN plans to buy about 70 E-2D's.
All E-2C Hawkeyes in the US Navy Inventory will be updated to the new more advanced version designated as E-2D Advanced Hawkeye.

2. Egypt
The E-2C Hawkeye aircraft from the Egyptian Air Force have been updated to the Hawkeye 2000 configuration by Northrop Grumman in Bethpage, New York.

US Navy E-2 US Navy E-2C US Navy E-2C
US Navy Cockpit E-2 US Navy Inside US Navy E-2C
US Navy E-2C left bank E-2D Advanced hawkeye E-2D Advanced hawkeye
E-2C France E-2C France  
E-2C Japan E-2C Japan  
E-2C Egypt    

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Last updated: 13 October 2013