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F-21 Kfir

The F-21 Kfir C1 fighter jet has been developed by Israel as a derived version of the French Mirage IIICJ. The first airplane - Kfir C1 - flew in 1973, but only 27 of them have been manufactured.
Later, these have been sold to the United States Navy and United States Marine Corps for training purposes which are still used at the US Military.
In 1976 the Kfir C2 was developed to provide the Israeli Air Force till in the 90s. These C2 had good combat capacities thanks to a good maneuverability and aerodynamic characteristics. After that the Kfir C7 has been developed. This has improved avionics, radar, a hand-on-throttle-and-stick system, ability to carry smart weapons and and airborne refueling system. The Kfir is not in service anymore with the Israeli Air Force.

The Kfir C1 has also been sold to other air forces under the name "Dagger".

Sri Lanka

The Air Force of Sri Lanka has the ability of 3 kinds of Kfir fighter jets; the TC.2 for training purposes, 7x C-2 aircraft and 2x C-7. The air force got 4 Kfir C-7's in 2001 but 2 have been damaged by the LTTE rebels.

Kfir in in former service with the Israeli Air Force

Kfir from the Air Force of Sri Lanka

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Last updated: August 7, 2010