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The MiG-15 with NATO codename "Fagot" is a fighter jet developed by the former USSR with gathered information from Germany after World war II.
The MiG-15 made his maiden flight in December 1947. During the Korea War the MiG-15 was used by the North-Korean armed forces and operated from Chinese air bases. The MiG-15 with his gas turbine engines and swept-back wings was much better than the US Air Force P-51 Mustang fighters. Due to this, the USAF rapidly deployed the F-86A Sabre to Korea.

The MiG-15 remained in service with the Warsaw pact countries until the 60 years. Other versions where the S-102 and S-103 which were build in Tsjechoslowakije and the LIM1 and LIM2 in Poland and later the MiG-15UTI and S-102 and LIM3 in Chez and Poland respectively.

The first MiG-15 which made his first flight in 1947, was equipped with the RD-45 turbojet engine. An improved version was the MiG-15bis which had the VK-1 engine and 454 kg more thrust than the RD-45.

After the communism in Romania, the air force was transformed. In 1992 the MiG-15 aircraft were withdrawn from service.

former Polish Air Force MiG-15
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Last updated: August 13, 2010