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MiG-23 Flogger

The MiG-23 Flogger with NATO codename "Flogger" is a Russian single engine swing-wing interceptor with as secondary role for ground attacks. The MiG-23 came in operational service with the USSR Air Force in 1971. The Flogger B is the standard interceptor version, the G an improved version of this and the Flogger E an export model. More than 5000 MiG-23's have been build which are/were in service by 20 countries.


The Air Force of Romania used the MiG-23 until 2001.


Prime contractor Mikoyan-Gurevich (MiG)
Primary task Interceptor
Type airplane 3rd generation front-line interceptor fighter jet
Length 16.70 meters
Height 4.82 meters
Wingspan 13.97 meters
Wing area  
Aspect Ratio
Angle of sweep  
Dihedral / Anhedral  
Engines 1x R-27F2M-300 turbojet
1x R-29 turbojet
1x R-35-300
Thrust 10200 kgf (R-27)
11500 kgf (R-29)
Weight (empty)  
Weight (start, maximum (MTOW)) 17,900 kg
Weight (landing, maximum)  
Required runway length (start)  
Required runway length (landing)  
Cruise speed  
Maximum speed 2500 km/h
Ceiling 59,000 ft (18,000 meters)
Maximum range 1900 km
Fuel tank quantity (Max. trip fuel)  
Air-to-air-refueling (ATAR) capability  
Payload 3000 kg  
Armament 1x 23mm bitube canon
Maximum weapon load  
Maximum G resistance  
Type flight controls  
Type landing gear  
Produced > 5000
Crew 1
Flight hour life  
First flight 1967
Operational since  
Successor of the MiG-21
Similar airplane  
Operators (past and presently) Lybia., Poland, Romania, Syria, USSR, Yemen

MiG-23MF Fitter H MiG-23ML MiG-23ML
MiG-23 MiG-23  
MiG-23 MiG-23 MiG-23
MiG-23 MiG-23  
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Last updated: July 15, 2012