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Su-27 Flanker (Sukhoi)

The Su-27 has been developed by the Russian company Sukhoi to develop a fighter jet for air domination. It was together with the Mig-29 a reaction of the introduction of the new F-15 and F-16 by the US Air Force.
The Su-27 is one of the most impressive fighter jets ever build. The first aircraft - Su-27 Flankers A - flew in 1977 but came operational in 1984 as Flankers B. The aircraft is alo in use in the former countries of the USSR, and in China and Viëtnam. China has bought a license to manufacture their own Su-27, the Su-27SK. Maybe sukhoi will also sell 55 Su-27 to China. Viëtnam has orderd 6 but will probably buy 24.

In 2004 Sukhoi was awarded with a contract to update 24 Su-27 to the Su-27SM standard. From 2006, 27 Su-27 fighter jets more will be updated to the Su-27SM standard.

The Su-27 has a fly-by-wire control system, the ability to carry 10 AAM bombs and has a high level of manouvrability in the air. The aircraft has 2 engines and a maximum speed of mach 2.35 without bombs. Armoring: 30 mm GSh-301 boardcanon and can carry 6000 kg of bombs and missiles.

Air Force Russia Su-27
Air Force Russia Su-27SM3
Su-27 Su-27  

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Last updated: 25 October 2014