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A400M (Airbus, Europe)

The A400M is a new tactical transport airplane developed by Airbus Military. The A400M is a new important tactical transport aircraft for the large European Air Forces (Germany, France and the United-Kingdom). The Project is a collaboration of 8 European countries, called OCCAR (Organisation Conjointe de Coopération en Matière d'Armement). The objective is that the A400M will replace all aging C-130 Hercules and C-160 Transall airplanes. The A400M can transport twice as much as cargo.
In March 2003 OCCAR agreed with Airbus for the manufacturing of 180 airplanes:
- 60 for Germany
- 50 for France
- 27 for Spain
- 25 for the United-Kingdom
- 10 for Turkey
- 7 for Belgium
- 1 for Luxemburg

- The roll-out of the first aircraft (MNS 01) was on June 28, 2008
- On November 24, 2009 the A400M made his first Rejected Take-Off (RTO) (Seville, Spain)
On friday December 11th, 2009 the A400M made its first test flight from the Airport of Sevilla, Spain. The flight which took a few hours was made by 2 test pilots and 4 engineers. The A400M landed safely back on Seville Airport.

The first A400M flight was expected to being completed in 2008 and delivered in 2009. The A400M program is delayed due to delays in some subprograms. For example the new engine from Safran group. The new engine was tested by the British company Marshall Aerospace on a C-130 Hercules.
The center fuselage of the A400M has already being build.

The A400M is / was ordered by:

1. Germany
2. France
3. Spain
4. United-Kingdom
5. Turkey
6. Belgium and Luxembourg
7. South-Africa
8. Malaysia

1. Germany
Germany has ordered 60 A400M airplanes. Later it was decreased to 53. They will try to resell 13 airplanes. The German Air Force (Luftwaffe) wanted an interim solution. It never came.

2. France
On 30 September 2013, the first of 50 A400M's for the French Air Force was delivered.
France has reviewed the C-17 Globemaster as an interim solution for the delays of the A400M. The C-17 however, was to expensive for France.

3. Spain
Spain has ordered 27 airplanes. They will try to resell 13 airplanes.

7. South-Africa
South-Africa had ordered 8 A400M's with a value of 6.3 billion dollars. South-Africa has cancelled the order at the end of 2009.

8. Malaysia
Malaysia is the only not-NATO country which has ordered the A400M. The country has ordered 4 A400M's.

Design organisation Airbus Military (EADS)
Main secundary design organisations  
Production organisaton Airbus Military, Toulouse, France
Primary task Tactial transport
Type airplane Military cargo
Length 45.1 meters
Height 14.7 meters
Wingspan 42.2 meters
Wing surface  
Aspect ratio  
Sweep back  
Performance & weights  
Engines 4x Europrop International TP400-D6 turboprop
Thrust 11.000 sph
Payload 37.000 kgs
Weight (empty)  
Weight (start, maximum, MTOW) 141.000 kgs
Weight (landing, maximum) 122.000 kgs
Maximum taxi weight  
Length cargo hold 17.71 meters
Useful cargo hold length 17.71 meters + 5.40 meters
Useful cargo hold width 4 meters
Useful cargo hold height 3.85 meters / 4 meters behind the wings
Cruise speed Mach 0.68 - 0.72
Maximum speed Mach 0.72
Ceiling 50.500 kgs
Maximum range 37.000 ft (12.14 km)
Fuel capacity 2450 Nm (30 ton payload)
3450 Nm (20 ton payload)
4700 Nm (without payload)
Air-to-air-refueling + capacity Yes
Armament No
Maximum weapon load n.a.
Maximum G resistance unknown
Required runway length (start) has to be calculated / testes
Required runway length (landing) has to be calculated / testes
Type flight controls fly-by-wire, control by a side-stick
Landing gear Triple Tandem
Versions A400M
Manufactured 1
Crew 2
Costs -
First flight December 11 2009
First delivery  
Operational since -
Successor of C-130H, C-160D, C-160T
Comparable aircraft -
Operators (current and future) France, Germany, Malaysia, Turkey, United-Kingdom
Main operatoors  
Crash Airbus: 1x (9-5-2015)
Amphibious usage No
Status In operational service, in production

A400M A400M A400M
A400M A400M French Air Force
Roll out Roll out Neus
Cockpit A400M's  

A400 Schematic 1st A400M 1st A400M
Roll out Roll out Engine test
Production A400M Propeller A400M Propeller
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Last updated: 10 May 2015