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The An-12 is a 4-turboprop engine airplane developed by the Ukrainian company Antonov in the USSR. It is the military version of the An-10.


Prime contractor Antonov
Primary task Medium range cargo transport
Type airplane Military tactical airplane
Length 33.10 meters
Height 10.53 meters
Wingspan 38.00 meters
Wing area 121.7 square meters
Aspect Ratio
Angle of sweep  
Dihedral / Anhedral  
Engines 4x AI-20 turboprop
Thrust 4250 hp
Weight (empty)  
Weight (start, maximum (MTOW)) 61,000 kg
Weight (landing, maximum)  
Required runway length (start) 850 meters
Required runway length (landing) 860 meters
Cruise speed 600 km/h
Maximum speed 640 km.h
Ceiling 33,465 ft (10.200 meters)
Maximum range 5500 km
Fuel tank quantity (Max. trip fuel)  
Air-to-air-refueling (ATAR) capability no
Passengers 100 troops or 130 passengers
Freight capacity  
Armament 2x 23mm NR-23 cannons in the tail
Maximum weapon load  
Maximum G resistance  
Type flight controls  
Type landing gear  
Produced +/- 900
Crew 3-6
Flight hour life  
First flight March 1957
Operational since  
Successor of the  
Similar airplane C-130 Hercules, C-160 Transall
Operators (past and presently) Afghanistan, CIS-states, Sovjet Union, Ukraine
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Last updated: October 17, 2011