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C-17 Globemaster III (United States)

The C-17 Globemaster is a 4-turbofan engine strategic heavy transport aircraft, developed by the American company Boeing IDS. The C-17 can support troops on the frontline by its capacity to land and takeoff from forward operating bases and unpaved runways. It was specially developed for the United States Air Force.
The Globemaster was developed by the more need of heavy transport and the new vehicles in the US Forces which became more heavier. It's the most advanced transport aircraft in the USAF and is very useful for peacekeeping operations and humanitary missions. The C-17's are in service with the Air Mobility Command from Charleston AFB, S.C. and operate by 437th Airlift Wing and the 315th Airlift Wing. The last wing is part of the US National Reserve.

For most Western countries and other states, the C-17 is ultimate military transport aircraft concerning advanced technology, payload and range. The C-17 is also the most expensive aircraft on the military transport aviation market.


Length: 53.04 meters
Height: 16.79 meters
Fuselage diameter: 6.86 meters
Wingspan incl. winglets: 51.74 meters
Power plant: 4x F117-PW-100 engines
Thrust each: 40.440 pounds
Speed: 450 knots at 28.000 ft. (Mach .76)
Ceiling: 45.000 ft on cruise speed
Range: unknown, can be aerial refueled
Crew: 3 of which 2 pilots and 1 loadmaster
Costs: 202.3 million dollar


Length cargo floor: 20.78 meters
Usable width: 5.49 meters
Usable height (beneath wings): 3.76 meters
Usable height (end of wings): 4.50 meters
Airborne pallets: 11x 463L pallets
Simple airdrop: 27.216 kg
Frequent airdrop: 49.895 kg
Logistic rail system capacity: 18x 463L pallets
Double row airdrop system: 12x 463L pallets

Passenger transport
Side (permanent installed): 54 (27 on each side)
Middle (on board): 48 (in sets of 6 back-to-back, 8 sets)
Pallets (10-passangers pallets): 80 op 8 pallets + 54 pass angers on the side

Pilots: 2
Observation seats: 2
Instrument displays: 2 all-function head-up displays (HUD) (permanent installed)
Communication: Integrated radio management system with open architecture communication system
Flight control system: Quadruple-reserve electronic flight control with mechanical backup system

Surface: 353.03 m2
Aspect ratio(A): 7.165
Sweep: 25 degrees
Airfoil type: Supercritical
Flaps: Fixed-vane, double-slotted, simple-hinged

Height: 2.72 meters
Wingspan: 2.81 meters
Surface: 3.33 m2
Sweep: 30 degrees
Angle: 15 degrees of vertical

Horizontal stabilizers
Surface: 78.50 m2
Width: 19.81 meters
Aspect ratio (A): 5.0
Sweep: 27 degrees

Main landing gear

Type: Triple Tandem
Width: 10.26 meters (outside to outside)
Tires: 50x21-20

Nose landing gear
Type: Single strut, steering with double wheels
Tires: 40 x 16 - 14
Wheelbases: 20.06 meters

The C-17 is/will become in service with the Air Forces of:

0. Total
1. Australia
2. Canada
3. India
4. Kuwait
6. Qatar
7. United Arabian Emirates
8. United Kingdom
9. United States

0. Total

Operator Ordered First delivery Last delivery
Australia 8 2006 2011+2015
Canada 4 2007 2008
India 10 2013 2014
Kuwait 1 2014 2014
NATO 3 2009 2009
Qatar 4 2009 2012
UAE 6 2011 2012
United Kingdom 8 2001 2012
United States 223 1993 2013

1. Australia
The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) has 8 C-17A Globemaster III airplanes.

After the United-Kingdom, the Australian Air Force (RAAF) is the second export country which purchased the C-17A Globemaster III. The RAAF will get 3 C-17s with an option of one more. The first will be delivered at the end of 2006. All aircraft will be stationed with the 36e squadron on Richmond AFB. The C-17 causes a large increase of the current airlift capacity. One in service, the Air Force will be able to self-deploy their helicopters (like the UH-60 Back hawk) and tanks (like the M1 Abrams) for missions worldwide. They are a addition of the current C-130H Hercules airplanes.
Besides the purchase of the 3 (4) globemaster, also 2 reserve F117-PW-100 engines, 4 AN/AAQ-24V infra-red countermeasuring systems and 15 AN/ASV-9 night vision goggles have been ordered.


2. Canada
The air part of the Canadian armed forces has 4 C-17's on order. The first of these was delivered on August 10th, 2007 to the Canadian Air Force.


3. India

India purchased 10 C-17's.

On 20 August the third C-17 was delivered.
On 22 July the second C-17 was delivered.
On 11 June the first C-17 was delivered.

4. Kuwait


On 13 February 2014, the first C-17 was delivered.

Some NATO countries have purchased 3 C-17 Globemasters. These 3 C-17's which have already been delivered have their home base in Hungary.

6. Qatar
The air force of Qatar has ordered 2 C-17 Globemasters in July 2008. These aircraft will be delivered in summer 2009. 2 more were ordered later.

In June 2015, Qatar ordered 4 more C-17's to double their fleet of C-17's.

7. United Arabian Emirates
In January 2010, Boeing confirmed the delivery of 6 C-17's to the Air Force of the United Arabian Emirates Air Force (UAEAF).

8. United-Kingdom
The British Air Force (Royal Air Force) has 4 C-17A airplanes leased from the manufacturer for 7 years with a option for 9 years more. These airplanes where a solution to fill the requirement of the British Air Force to have a Strategic Airlift capacity. The planes are mainly used for transport to forward bases.

A 5th and 6th C-17 were later purchased. The other 4 will be bought when the wet lease contract is over.

In december 2009, Boeing announced that the Ministry of Defence has signed for a 7th C-17 because of the urgent need for additional airlift capability. The C-17 has been delivered on November 16th, 2010.

In March 2012 the MoD signed a order for a 8th C-17.

In January 2013, 2 C-17's were used to transport French military equipment to Mali.

9. United States
In february 2012, Boeing delivered the 216th C-17 to the US Air Force. In August 2013, 222 C-17's have been delivered.

United States Air Force C-17A Globemaster III
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Last updated: 23 July 2016