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The C-295 is a twin-engine tactical transport aircraft developed by the Spanish company Construccionnes Aeronáuticas SA (CASA), which is now part of EADS.
The aircraft is a derived version of the CN-235 Transporter. The C295M can also take-off and land without paved runways.
Some characteristics of this aircraft are: high mounted wings, short take-off and land capacity and a maximum payload of 9250Kg. The aircraft only needs 320 meters for landing and 670m for take-off. With this, the C-295 is - just as the C-130 Hercules - good usable for crisis operations or during operational missions of supporting ground forces.

More than 66 airplanes have been ordered by 10 operators of which some of them;
1. Algeria
2. Brazil
3. Chili
4. Finland
5. Jordan
6. Poland
7. Portugal
8. Spain
9. Mexico

2. Brazil
The Brazilian Air Force has bought 12 aircraft to support of the SIVAM Amazon monitoring project. For this project, Brazil also bought the Erieye.


5. Jordan
The Air Force of Jordan has ordered 2 C-295 airplanes.

7. Portugal
Portugal has ordered 12 C-295 aircraft to replace the 24 CASA C-212 aircraft which are now in service. The contract has a value of 270 million dollars.
The Portuguese version has an AN/APN-241 color weather and navigation radar instead of the standard RDR-1400C.

8. Spain
In 1999, Spain signed a contract for the purchase of 9 C-295 transport aircraft. The first aircraft was delivered in november 2001, the last will be delivered in 2005.

9. Mexico
At the end of 2009, the Mexican Air Force has ordered 5 C-295's as the successor of the An-32.

X. Venezuela
Venezuela has ordered 10 C-295 aircraft in Spain but the USA has stopped this deal as a result of the conflict between Venezuela and the US.

Other operators
The Swiss Air Force (2), Polish Air Force (8), the navy of the United Arabian Emirates (4 maritime patrol aircraft).

Poland Spain
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Last updated: August 7, 2010