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The 4-engine VC10 is a transport and tanker aircraft from the British Air Force (Royal Air Force or RAF). Since 1966, the RAF has a inventory of VC10 aircraft in 2 versions; the VC10 C1K and the VC10K3/K4. The VC10's are being replaced by the new A330MRTT. In March 2013 only 4 VC10 were still in operational service.
VC10 C1K
The VC10 C1K aircraft from the RAF can transport 150 passengers with a crew of 9 and 20.5tons cargo or for medical purposes 76 brancards. As a cargo airplane it can transport NATO pallets, ground equipment and vehicles.
In 1993 the tanksystems were added to the aircraft. It can carry 70 tons of fuel in his own 8 fuel tanks which can be given to other aircraft. On each wing are tankpods mounted to refuel 2 other aircraft at the same time.
The aircraft has a crew of 2 pilots, a flight engineer, navigator, load master and 3 stewardesses which depends on the number of visitors. VC10 C1K tanker aircraft can also receive fuel from other aircraft.

VC10 K3 and K4
The most VC10 aircraft are in the version K3 and K4 which can refuel 3 aircraft at the same time. They have on each wing and beneath the fuselage a tankpod to refuel the other aircraft.
The tank point can give 1000kg fuel a minute, mostly to fighter jets.The tank point beneath the fuselage can give 2000kg fuel a minute, mostly to larger aircraft but can also be used by fighter jets. .

The VC10 K3 can carry 78.000kg fuel and is equipped with fuel tanks in the fuselage were was a passenger space before. The K4 doesn't has these intern fuel tanks and so it can carry only 68.000kg fuel but is totally available for refueling other aircraft. The VC10 aircraft have a very small capacity to transport passengers. Due to this the remaining space will mostly be used for ground personal or operational supply personal. .
The VC10 K3 and K4 aircraft are stationed with the 101 squadron on the RAF base Brize Norton.

VC10 from the British Air Force (RAF)

VC-10 Aft Stabillizer
Landing gear Tail Aft
Tail + stabilizer    


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Last updated: 23 March 2013