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A-129 Mangusta

The A-129 Mangusta is a multi-role attack helicopter developed by the British-Italian company Agusta Westland.
The newest version is the A-129 Mangusta International, a modernized A-129 Mangusta but in a new combat configuration. In 1999 the Italian Army ordered 15 new A-129 Mangusta helicopters in de new Combat configuration (CBT). The first one was delivered to the Italian Army on 15 october 2002.
The Italian Army had already 45 A-129 Mangusta helicopters. The Italian army awarded Agusta Westland to update the 45 A-129 Mangusta helicopters to the new combat configuration.
The helicopter can be used for armored reconnaissance and surveillance missions, escort missions, fire support mission and air-threat suppression missions. The helicopter is armored with:
Air-to-air missiles (Stinger or Mistral)
Antitank missiles (TOW or Hellfire)
12.7 mm machine gun-pod
70/81 mm rocket launcher
20 mm turreted gun
Italy has used the A-129 during UN-missions in Somalia and Angola. 

A-129 Mangusta    
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Last updated: August 14, 2010