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AH-64A-D Apache Longbow
AH-64E Apache Guardian

The AH-64 Apache is a combat proven attack helicopter developed by Boeing for the United States Army. The apache was specifically designed for the anti-tank role and a superior power. It can take part into the highest combat spectrum. The Apache is internationally recognized as the most modern and robust attack helicopter.



It can operate in day, night and adverse weather conditions in extreme climatical environments. With a crew of a pilot and a commander in tandem seat, the apache can fire AGM-114 Hellfires, 2.75" unguided and laser guided rockets and a 30mm cannon. The United States also delivered apaches to the United-Kingdom, the Netherlands and Israel (see below for the complete list of operators).

The main Apache versions are:
AH-64D Block I
AH-64D Block II
AH-64E (AH-64D Block III before)

The Delta Apaches and newer can also be equipped with a Fire Control Radar (FCR).

AH-64D Apache Longbow

The AH-64D Longbow is the most used Apache version by the U.S. Army and international customers. As the U.S. Army is upgrading to the AH-64E model, other countries also start to upgrade.

The Apache has a belly mounted M230 chain gun which can fire a maximum of 1200x 30mm rounds.
The Apache h
as 2 wing stations under each wing. It can carry 16x AGM-114 Hellfire guided missiles, or 76 Hydra 70, 2.75 inch unguided rockets or a combination of it.

AH-64E Apache Guardian
The AH-64E is the successor of the AH-64D and includes many major improvements. It is equipped with T700-GE-701D engines. The rotor blades are made of composite and are 6 inch longer and have a new tip design for improved aerodynamics (Ref. 6)


AH-64F Apache
In June 2014, Boeing seemed to be in the development of a AH-64F. This F-version would be equipped with 3000 shp powerful engines (as part of the Army improved engine program), a retractable landing gear, wingstubs to offload lift from the MR in high-speed cruise, and a tail rotor which can deliver forward thrust. (Ref 5)

Specifications AH-64D

Designation AH-64 Apache
Prototype YAH-64
Project name Advanced Attack Helicopter (AAH)
Design organisation Boeing (before McDonnell Douglas and before Hughes)
Main secundary design organisations Lockheed-Martin, General Electric
Production organisation The Boeing Company, Mesa, Arizona, USA
Primary task Air-to-ground attack
Type aircraft Attack helicopter
Length 58.17 ft (17.73 meters)
Height 15.24 ft (4.64 meters (4.95 meters including FCR))
Width 17.15 ft (5.23 meters)
Engines 2x General Electric T700-701C turboshaft engine or
2x General Electric T700-701D turboshaft engine
Power 1890 shaft horse power (-701C)
1994 shaft horse power (-701D)
Rotor blades 4x Main Rotor, 4x Tail Rotor
Main Rotor diamater 14.63 meters
Main Rotor rpm 292
Weight (empty) 5662 kgs
Weight (maximum) 10433 kgs
Performance 150 knots / 277.8 km/h
Cruise speed 150 knots / 277.8 km/h
Maximum speed  
Maximum vertical speed 2175 fpm
Maximum range 450 km (can be increased with (additional) internal and external fuel tanks)
Fuel capacity  
Air-to-air refueling (ATAR) No
Passengers None
Cargo capacity None
External cargo capacity None
Internal dimensions  
Length n.a.
Width n.a.
Height n.a.
Armament Possible combination of:

- 1x M230 30mm (nose) chain gun (1200 rounds)
- 16x AGM-114 Helllfire guided missiles
- AGM-122 Sidearm (Ref 10)
- 76x Hydra 70, 2.75 inch unguided rockets
- TALON Laser guided Rockets (Ref 9)
- AIM-9 Sidewinder
Maximum weapon load  
Radar AN/APG-78 Fire Control Radar (FCR)
Sensors Target Acquisition and Designation Sight / Pilot Night vision sensor System
Type flight controls  
Landing gear not retractable, 2x main gear, 1x tail gear
Optional equipment  
Usage - Internal Auxilary Fuel System (IAFS) (Ref. 8)
Maximum G resistance  
Versions AH-64A, AH-64B, AH-64C, AH-64D (Block I, Block II), AH-64E (previously called AH-64D Block III)
Manufactured +/- 1200
Crew 2 (Pilot flying, Co-Pilot Gunner)
Overall flight hours  
First flight 1975 (AH-64A)
2011 (AH-64E)
Operational since 1984 (AH-64A)
1998 (AH-64D)
Successor of n.a.
Comparable helicopter Ka-52, Mi-28, Tiger
Operators (past, current and future) US Army, United-Kingdom, the Netherlands, Egypt, Greece, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, Saudi-Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan, UAE, South-Korea
Main operators US Army
Amphibious usage United-Kingdom, US Army (AH-64E)
Status In operational service, in production

The AH-64 Apache is/was/will be used by:

0. Total
1. United States
2. Australia
3. Egypt
4. Greece
5. India
6. Indonesia
7. Iraq
8. Israel
9. Japan
10. Kuwait
11. Morocco
12. Netherlands
13. Poland
14. Qatar
15. Saudi-Arabia
16. Singapore
17. Taiwan
18. United Arabian Emirates
19. United-Kingdom
20. South-Korea

0. Total

Operator Procured Model upgrade
United States +/ 800 all versions Xx D and E upgrade
Australia 29x AH64E  
Egypt 36x AH-64A
12x AH-64D
Greece 20x AH-64A
12x AH-64D
India 11x AH-64E  
Iraq 24x AH-64E  
Israel 42x AH-64A
X x AH-64D
Japan 50x AH-64DJP  
Kuwait 16x AH-64D  
Morocco 36x AH-64E  
Netherlands 30x AH-64D 28x AH-64E
Poland 96x AH-64E (planning)  
Qatar 24x AH-64E  
Saudi-Arabia 12x AH-64A
12x AH-64D
24x AH-64E
Singapore 20x AH-64D  
Taiwan 30x AH-64E  
UAE 30x AH-64A  
UK 67x WAH-64 50x AH-64E
South-Korea 36x AH-64E  

1. United States
There have been build 821 AH-64A helicopters for the US Army between 1984 and 1997. Most Apaches were updated to the AH-64D or AH-64D Longbow helicopter and in the future to the AH-64E.
On 16 august 1996, the US Army and McDonnell Douglas (now part of Boeing) signed a 5-years contract for updating of 232 AH-64A apaches. On 2 september 1996 there was signed a same contract for enough more 232 AH-64A apaches. In october 2000 the US Army signed a contract with Boeing to increase the numbers of AH-64D Apache Longbow to 501. Here from was the 500e Apache Longbow 2004 delivered to the US Army on 26 august 2004.

With the Block III upgrade (now called AH-64E Apache Guardian) the United States Army expects they will have a apache fleet with superior technology be able to fly 30 more years.

American apaches were used since 1989 in: Panama, liberty of Kuwait, Desert storm, Gulf war 1, Bosnia and the war in Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom). During operation Iraq Freedom in 2003 more than 200 American apaches were used.


1) On 27 june 2005 a U.S. Army Apache helicopter crashed at northwest of Baghdad. The two pilots were killed.
2) On 29 july 2005 a U.S. Army Apache helicopter crashed during a training mission near Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. The two pilots were injured.


AH-64D AH-64E AH-64E
AH-64D AH-64D AH-64E (Le Bourget, France, June 2019)

3. Egypt

4. Greece
Since 1995 Greece has the ability of 20 AH-64A Apaches. Besides, Greece has signed a new contract for 12 AH-64 Longbow Apaches with an option of 4. The apaches are/will be stationed with the Greece Hellenic Army.

8. Israel
Since 1990 the Israel Air Force has AH-64A Apaches. A few of them will be updated and there have been bought a unknown numbers of new AH-64D Longbow helicopters. These are called AH-64D-I Apache. The first 3 new helicopters were delivered to the IAF on 11 april, 2005. How much helicopters will be updated or have been bought is classified.


9. Japan
Since January 2006, the Japanese ground self-defence force (army) got their first apaches in the version AH-64DJP Longbow. Originally, Japan would have bought 100 apache but that number has been reduced till 50-60. The engines of type T700-701C from the American General Electric are under licence manufactured by the Japanese Ishikawajimaharima Heavy Industries.

10. Kuwait
Since 17 august 2005, the armed forces of Kuwait has accepted already 6 of the 16 AH-64D Apache Longbow multi-role combat helicopter. The apache are manufactured at the Boeing Mesa, Arizona facility. Only 8 of them will be equipped with the AN/APG-78 Longbow radar.


12. the Netherlands
The Royal Netherlands Air Force initially bought 30 AH-64D Block I Apache attack helicopters. One Apache crashed during deployment in Afghanistan. In February 1997 the RNLAF lend for advanced money 12 AH-64A apaches from the US Army. Delivery of the D version started in may 1998 and was completed in may 2002. Most Apaches (21x) are stationed on Gilze-Rijen Air Force Base with the 301 squadron while the remaining 8 are operated by the 302 dquadron which is integrated in the US Army 21st cavalry at Forth Hood, Texas, USA.

In 2004 the Dutch government decided to discharge 6 apaches which was cancelled later. The entire fleet of apaches will be updated to the AH-64D Block II standard.

The Dutch Apache fleet is equipped with a Dutch-unique Aicraft Self-protection System. These are two AMASE pods (by the Danish company Therma) which are mounted at each wing tip.

On 7 and 8 may 2005, 4 Apache attack helicopters were used to support the security of the US President when he visited The Netherlands. The Heli's were put for 2 days on Maastricht-Aachen Airport.


In 2004 one Apache crashed in Afghanistan.
On 17 march 2015 an Apache crashed during a fire exercise in Mali. Both pilots were killed.

Block II Update
The Royal Netherlands Air Force initially bought 30 AH-64D Block I Apaches. All Dutch Apaches have been upgraded to the Block II standard.
In november 2013, the first Dutch AH-64D Block II apache was delivered to the RNLAF at the Boeing plant in Mesa, Arizona.

AH-64E remanufacture
In 2018, the NL MoD announced that all 28 Apaches will be remanufactured to the AH-64E configuration. Remanufacture means that a new airtframe is used with legacy (Delta) components and new components.

On december 13, 2022, the first two (2) AH-64E's Version 6 (Sn Q-31 and Q-32) were delivered to the RNLAF 302 squadron at Fort Hood (Texas, USA). They will be used for training of the RNLAF pilots and maintainers. The first RNLAF AH-64E to be delivered in the Netherlands to the 301 squadron at Gilze-Rijen Air Force Base is expected for the end of 2023. A major improvement for the RNLAF between the RNLAF Delta models is the Fire Control Radar which is most visibly installed on top of the main rotor assembly.

Demo team
The Royal Netherlands Air Force was long time the only apache operator in the world which had an Apache display team. The team gives shows on national and international air shows (almost only in Europe). The UK now also has an Apache demo team.


Dutch apaches have been used in Bosnia, Djibouti, Iraq, Afghanistan and Mali

Since may 2014, are 4 Apaches deployed from camp Castor in Gao, Mali. Three Dutch CH-47 Chinook transport helicopters will be added later to the detachement.

On 1 November 2013,
the Dutch cabinet announced that 4 Apache helicopters will be send to Mali as part of the UN mission MINUSMA.

For several years, 6 apaches (3x2) were deployed to Aghanistan as part of the ISAF mission. One apache is crashed in Afghanistan. The apaches took care of the stability and security in the Afghan capital Kabul by supporting - international - ground forces. The 6 apaches were stationed on the airport of Kabul. Thanks to the Dutch apaches the number of mortar attacks has been reduced till 0 accidents. The afghan authorities said they were very happy with the participation of the Dutch apaches.

Iraq: Since may 2004 6 (3x2) Dutch apache attack helicopters have been stationed in Iraq to support the Dutch ground forces. The Apaches took care of Close Combat Support and display of force. Besides they gathered information for the ground forces thanks to the highly advanced sensors and weapon systems.
The apaches have been used to support the ground forces by capturing terrorists.
The Apaches are - with about 180 air force soldiers - stationed on Tallil Air Force Base. This former Iraqi air force base is now a large tactical air force base from the Americans in Iraq. The US Air Force are leading this base. Besides the base is used by others like: US Marines, US Army and the Italian air force.


AH-64D AH-64D Sensors
AH-64D with CH-47D AH-64D and An-124 Deployed to Afghanistan
LPD Ship trials LPD Ship trials Deployed to Afghanistan
AMASE pod NL Fort Hood Apaches with MUMT  

13. Poland

On 8 September 2022 it was announced that Poland has send a request to the United States Government for the purchase of 96 AH-64E Apache Guardians in the latest configuration.

15. Saudi-Arabia


16. Singapore
8 AH-84D Longbow Apaches have been delivered to Singapore in 2002. 12 more have been delivered in January 2006.

17. Taiwan
The armed forces of Taiwan have ordered 30 AH-64 Apaches to Boeing (July, 2007).

One AH-64E Apache Guardian crashed in 2014.

18. United-Arabian Emirates

19. United-Kingdom
In march 1996 the UK ministry of defence ordered 67 WAH Mk I Apache attack helicopters. These helicopters are manufactured under license from Boeing in the United-Kingdom by Whilst Agusta Westland. These AH Mk1 Apaches are equipped with Rolls-Royce Turbomeca RTM322 engines instead of the original T700 engines from General Electric. The UK Apaches can be equipped with the Longbow fire control radar, Hellfire missiles, both semi-active laser and radio frequency versions, CRV7 ground suppression rocket system, the 30mm cannon and the improved Helicopter Integrated Defensive Aids Suite (HIDAS).


British Army AH-64 Mk1 British Army AH-64 Mk1 British Army AH-64 Mk1
2x AH-64 Mk1    

20. South-Korea
In September 2012 South-Korea send a request to the United States Government for the delivery of 36x AH-64D Block III Longbow helicopters. With a eventual delivery, South-Korea would become the first export country for the advanced Block III version with many (but not all) new systems.

The request for delivery contains at least:
- 84x T700-GE-701D engines
- 36x AN/APG-78 Fire Control Radar (FCR)
- 43x AAR-57(V) 3/5 CMWS with 5th sensor and Improved Countermeasure Dispensers
- 42x AN/APX-123 transponders
- 120x IHADSS-21
- 41x Embedded GPS/INS
- 400x AGM-114R1 Hellfire missiles
- 438x Stinger Block I 92H missiles
- 771.144x 30mm High Explosive Dual Purpose (HEDP) M789s
- 11.020x 2.75'' unguided Hydra rockets
- 108 AAIH

The request for delivery contains also a request for the delivery of 36x AH-1Z Cobra helicopters.



1. The Boeing Company
2. United States Army
3. Royal Netherlands Air Force
4. British Army

5. High-Speed apache
6. Aviation Week
7. ATK M230 chain gun
9. TALON laser guided rockets
10. AGM-122 on FAS

a US Army AH-64A apache prepares to launch at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan
"Photo Courtesy of U.S. Army" by SFC Joe Belcher

US Army AH-64D's helicopters on a airfield in Iraq. Apaches played a key role in Operation Iraqi Freedom
"Photo Courtesy of U.S. Army" by Dod

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