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The Mi-24 helicopter was originally developed as a attack and transport helicopter for the Russian Air Force. Besides it can be used for direct air support, air-air, anti-tank and armored escort. It was developed by the Russian company MIL in 1976.
The main difference with the American AH-64 (and also all other Russian attack heli's) is that the Mi-24 can transport 8 soldiers. The Mi-24 is difficult to maneuvre.

The Mi-24 can be equipped with:
- a 12.7 mm 4 turret machine gun type YaKB-12.7 which can fire 4500 rounds a minute
- a 30 mm double turret canon of the type GSh-30K which can fire 300, 2000 or 2600 rounds a minute
- 750 - 1 x 2 30-mm gun or a 1470 - 12.7-mm 4 turret gun
- 2 till 4 80mm S-8 rocket pods for 20 missiles
- 2 till 4 57mm S-5 rocket pods for 32 missiles
- GSh-23L double 23mm MG pods
- 4 250kg bombs of the type FAB-250
- 2 500kg bombs

Length: 17.5 meter Height: 6.5 meter
Maximum speed: 168 knots (335km/h) Cruise speed: (295 km/h)
Engines: Isotov TV3-117 turboshaft  

The Mi-24 combat helicopter is/was also in service with the armed forces of:
- Sri Lanka has at least 4 combat helicopters.

The Polish Army has a inventory of the Mi-24W and 16 Mi-34D helicopters. These Mi-24D's were bought from the East-German Air Force. 6 Mi-24D helicopters have been used operational in Iraq to protect the Polish ground forces.

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Russia Mi-24V Russia Mi-24V  
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Last updated: 27 August 2022