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The American Comanche helicopter project was stopped in February 2004. Only 2 prototypes have been build and about 8 billion dollar has been spent for on the project. The project was already in development since 1983. Original the helicopter was developed to operate in Europe above the German battle field with laser equipment, supporting Apache helicopters by destroying West-coming Soviet tanks.
It was told that the Comanche would not be longer useful against modern enemy missiles and artillery systems. After the operations in Afghanistan and Iraq it seems that attack helicopters like the Apache are very sensitive for unguided hand portable missiles and normal handweapons.

The Comanche should have stealth characteristics but after development it seems to have less stealth characteristics which was told original.
It was being developed by Boeing and Sikorsky. The crew was 2. The maximum speed was 328km/h. The heli was armored with a canon, hellfire and Stinger missiles.

United States
After the project was stopped, the U.S. Army focussed on the Apaches.

Some of the technologies which were used in the comache are now being used in the AH-64 Apache.

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Last updated: 27 August 2022