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Tiger (France, Germany)

The Tiger is a European attack helicopter developed by Eurocopter, Aerospatiale Matra (France) and CASA (Spain for the armed forces of Germany and Germany.
There are 3 versions: Anti-tank helicopters UHT for Germany, HAC for France and a combat support helicopter HAP for the French army. The first tiger HAP flew in 2003 and was delivered to France in march 2005. The first Tiger UHT for Germany was delivered in april 2005.
Power plant
The Tiger helicopter is equipped with 2 MTR390 turboshaft engines, developed by Rolls-Royce (UK), MTU (Germany) and Turbomeca (France).
Power: 958 kW to 1160 kW
Maximum take-off: 958 kW
Compressor: twin centrifugal
Combustion chamber: Reverse flow annular
Turbine: Single stage gas generator turbine, two stage power turbine
Dry Weight (without nozzle): 169 kg

Main users
France has ordered 80 Tiger helicopters where of 10 anti-tank and 70 combat support. Thanks to collaboration between France and Spain will 40 helicopters be updated to the HAD version.
Germany had ordered 80 Tiger helicopters. It's expect that both countries will buy a total of each 120 helicopters.

Other users
The Australian Army has ordered 22 Tiger ARH armored reconnaissance helicopters. The first of these was delivered in december 2004 and came operational in 2005. In 2019 Australia announced that it will replace their Tiger helicopters.
The Spanish Army has ordered 24 Tiger HAD combat support helicopters. The HAD is a version of the HAP. The first helicopters will be delivered in 2005.

Germany Tiger UHT (ILA, Berlin, 2006)
France Tiger HAD (Le Bourget, France, 2019)

2x Tiger ARH from the Australian Army

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Last updated: 3 January 2020