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SA 330 Super Puma
AS 532 Cougar

The SA 330 Super Puma is a medium-weight transport helicopter, developed by Eurocopter (Aerospatiale and Daimler Aerospace (DASA)).
In 1990, all Super Puma's with the designation AS 332 were re-designated into AS 532 Cougar to make the difference between the civil and military version. However, some countries still use the SA 332 Super Puma designation (like Switzerland and France).
Power Plant
De 2-engine AS 532 Cougar can be powered by Turbomeca Makila 1A1 or 1A2 Turboshaft engines. The AS 532 Mk2 cougars from the Royal Netherlands Air Force are fitted with the Makila 1A2 version. This engine produces a maximum thrust of 1.573 kW and a constant thrust of 1.236 kW. The Makila has a 3-stage axial compressor, 1-stage centrifugal compressor, annular type combustion chamber, 2-stage gas generator turbine and a 2-stage power turbine.

AS 532SC: The AS 532SC is the maritime version of the Cougars, equipped with systems for anti-surface missions and anti-submarine missions. The AS 532SC is fitted with 2 Turbomeca Makila 1A1 turboshaft engines. For anti-surface missions it can be equipped with 2 long range stand-off missiles according to the fire and forget principle. These are the EADS AM39 BLOCK 2 missiles. It can destroy targets up to 150 nautical miles.
AS 532AL: The AS 532AL is the stretched version of the cougars. It can carry 25 commandos and can be equipped with
pod-mounted cannons, rocket-launchers or a side firing cannon.


The French Army has 64 AS 532 Cougar helicopters.

The Air Force of Slovenia has 4 AS 532AL Cougar helicopters which are stationed on Cerkije ob Krki. They are used for SAR purposes and troop transport.

Bulgaria has ordered 12 cougar helicopters which will be delivered in 2006. They will get 4 CSAR heli's and 8 Utility versions.

The Spanish Air Force has also AS 532 Cougar helicopters. In 2005, Afghanistan as part of ISAF a Spanish Cougar crashed, all soldiers (17) were killed.

The German Air Force (Luftwaffe) has a A numbers of AS 532 Cougar helicopters. They do VIP-transport, troop transport and aeromedical transport.


The Royal Netherlands Air Force has 17 AS 532 Cougar MkII U2 helicopters which are stationed at 300sq on Gilze-Rijen Air Force Base.
They were build by Eurocopter France.

- On April 8 2011, the Dutch Minister of Defence announced that all all 17 Cougar helicopters will be withdrawn. The cougar will be replaced by the new NH90. Three Cougars are still operational for SAR and maritime operations.

- On September 21 2011, the Dutch government announced that eight helicopters will be kept operational until 2017. They will be used as an interim solution between the withdrawal of the SH-14D Lynx and AB412 helicopters and sufficient operational NH90s.

These 3 Cougars which kept operational since may 2011 were the ones which have already been wear the grey colour. The Cougars are part of the new Defence Helicopter Command (DHC) and before the Tactical Air Force. The Cougars worked close together with the 11th airborne brigade of the Royal Netherlands Army. There are also versions which are equipped with medical equipment.


AS 532 Cougar Mk II U2
The AS 532 Cougar means it's a military version of the AS 332 Super Puma. The "5" designates it's a military version. The "A" designates the helicopter is armored. The "U" designates it's a utility helicopter. The "2" gives the upgrade level. The helicopter has been developed in 1992.

The AS 532 Cougar Mk II U2 helicopter is one of he largest version of all cougar version and has also one of the largest cabin volume of all cougar versions. The helicopter a transport capacity for:
- standard crew + 20 troops,
- standard crew + 16 troops fully equipped
- operational crew (4) + 10 troops fully equipped (zwithout equipment 14 troops)
- standard crew (4x) + nurse + anesthesist + 3 sitting patients + 3 laying patients on stretchers

The Dutch couhars can carry external load by a HUSLE (Helicopter UnderSlung Load Equipment) up to 4500 kg. It can also carry water for fire fighting by using a so-called bambi bucket with a capacity of 2500 litres of water. The heli is mainly used to transport troops and cargo and for combat search and rescue missions and as a an armored helicopter. (In Bosnia the Dutch cougars have often flown medical missions to support foreign soldiers which were wounded.

The helicopters has a Spheriflex rotor system with only 4x shadow rotor blades and 2x 2100-Kpk Turbomeca Makila 1A2 turboshaft engines which take care of a increased maximum cargo capacity. The helicopter can armored with a 20mm cannon or a solid .50 caliber machine gun. The basic version with displays in the cockpit and a 4-axis automatic pilot take care that the crew have less workload and a increased safety during tactical flights.

Dutch Missions
The medical versions have been sent to Bosnia (or Kosovo). Cougars from the Royal Netherlands Air Force have also been send to Iraq to replace 4 chinooks. Cougars were also used in Afghanistan to support the Dutch Army troops in Uruzgan. Alle cougars will be withdrawn, 13 of them on may 9, 2011 and the 4 others will be withdrawn later.

Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands
Netherlands Netherlands Switzerland
Germany Germany Germany
Turkey - Cougar UL Mk1 Turkey - Cougar UL Mk1 Spain- SA330 Super Puma
Brazil - Super Puma Chili - Super Puma France


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Last updated: September 24, 2011