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CH-47 Chinook (United States)

The CH-47 Chinook is a heavy-weight tandem-rotor transport helicopter, developed by the American company Boeing for the United States Army (U.S. Army). The Chinook has his primary role for transport of troops, artillery, ammunition, fuel, water, supplies and equipment on the battlefield. Second mission is medical evacuation, aircraft recovery, fire fighting, parachute drops, heavy construction, civil development, disaster relief and SAR missions.

There was also need for a special version for the U.S. Special forces because they needed a new type helicopter which could land and take-off on the water. The Special forces version is the MH-47D and the MH-47E Chinook.
The first CH-47A Chinook was delivered to the US Army in 1962. The Chinook has been used intensively during the Vietnam war where 200 of the 750 helicopters have been crashed.
The chinooks of the US Army will get a digital upgrade to keep the chinook on the battlefield for te next 20 years.


The Chinook helicopter can transport troops, supplies, ammunition and other battle-critical cargo in support of world wide combat and contingency operations. It can carry 53 fully equipped troops. The minimal crew is a pilot, co-pilot and a loadmaster.

The chinook is / was / will be in service with some countries like:

0. Total 11. Netherlands
1. United States 12. Oman
2. Australia 13. Saudi-Arabia
3. Canada 14. Singapore
4. Egypt 15. South-Korea
5. Greece 16. Spain
6. Iran 17. Taiwan
7. Italy 18. Thailand
8. Japan 19. Turkey
9. Libya 20. UAE
10. Morocco 21. United-Kingdom

0. Total

Operator Procured
United States +/ 450 all versions
Australia 8x CH-47D
7x CH-47F
Canada 15x CH-47F
Egypt 6x CH-47D
Greece 10x CH-47C
7x CH-47D
Iran 15x CH-47
Italy 40x CH-47C
16x CH-47F
Japan 58x CH-47J/JA
Libya Xx CH-47C
Morocco 3x CH-47D
Netherlands 13x CH-47D
6x CH-47F
Saudi-Arabia Xx CH-47F
Singapore 6x CH-47SD
South-Korea 18x CH-47D
6x CH-47
Spain 19x CH-47C
Thailand 6x CH-47D
Turkey 14x CH-47F
UAE 12x CH-47D
16 CH-47F
United-Kingdom 14x CH-47 Mk6

1. United States
The Chinook was delivered in the CH-47A (354 heli's), CH-47B and CH-47C version but have all been updated to the CH-47D configuration. 300 from the current 432 helicopters are/will be updates to the CH-47F and MH-47G version. In 2005 Boeing and U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command signed a contract to manufacture 17 new CH-47F helicopters for the Unites States Army.

CH-47F Chinook
The CH-47F Chinook and MH-47G are the 6th version for the United States Army. In 2001 flew the first CH-47F and on 15 may 2002 the first F chinook was delivered to the U.S. Army. 394 D versions from the army will be updated to the F version and 17 new F versions will be build. The F version features reducing operating and support costs, improving availability and maintainability (RAM) and is providing digital battlefield compatibility via communications and navigation. Updating from D version to F version contains aircraft remanufacturing, vibration reduction, improved avionics with integrated digital mission management systems and a digital map, and installation of more powerful Honeywell T55-GA-14A-714 engines with each 4.900HP and digital fuel controls.

With a triple-hook system, the CH-47F can carry external loads like a 155mm howitzers at speeds up to 140 knots. The CH-47F has internal measures of 30x8.3x6.5 feet to transport 2 HMMWV or 1 HMMWV and a 155mm howitzer and crew.

The US Army has 452 CH-47F's ordered, the Royal Netherlands Air Force as the first export country has 6 ordered. These have been designated by Boeing as CH-47F(NL).


CH-47 CH-47 CH-47F
CH-47F (Le bourget, France, 2011)
CH-47D (Space & Rocket center, Huntsville, AL, USA, 2017)


Specifications CH-47F
Improved electrical, avionics and communication systems
Situational awareness and improved digital map display
Maximum payload capacity of 21,500-pounds
Maximum range up to 329 nautical miles
Modularized hydraulics
Composite, manual-folding, tandem-rotor blades with 3 blades per hub

MH-74G Chinook SF
The MH-47G from the US Special Forces will utilize the U.S. Army’s advanced Common Avionics Architecture applicable to all Special Operations rotorcraft.

The United States Special Forces is now using the MH-47E and MH-47F.

Vietnam war
During the Vietnam war more than 1 million missions were flown with the chinook. The chinook transported damaged aircraft back. Between 1966 and 1973 more than 10.000 aircrafts were flew back with a rest value of more than 5 billion dollar. 98 American chinooks crashed during the Vietnam war.

- On 6 April 2005 a CH-47 Chinook crashed into Afghanistan. 18 Americans died: 15 of them were US Soldiers and 3 were civilians working for the Military.
- On 28 June 2005 a American MH-47E Chinook was crashed by the taliban in Afghanistan. Crew and all 16 special forces died. The MH-47E Chinook belongs to the United States Special Forces Command.

- On 25 september 2005 a American CH-47 Chinook crashed in South-Afghanistan All 5 soldiers were killed.
- On September 18th, a USA Chinook crashed in Iraq, killing 7 soldiers.

2. Australia
Australia has Chinooks which are operated by the Army.

3. Canada
On 30 June 2014, Boeing delivered the last of 15 CH-47F to the Royal Canadian Air Force which are designated as CH-147F.

11. the Netherlands

The Royal Netherlands Air Force has 11x CH-47D and 6x CH-47F(NL) Chinook helicopters stationed with 298sq at Gilze-Rijen Air Force Base and with 302 squadron on Fort Hood, Texas, USA. Two CH-47D's crashed during deployment in Afghanistan.
The (D-versions) series D 661 till D 667 were bought from Canada after revision (airframe) till 0 (zero) flighthours and upgraded till CH-47D. The series D 101 t/m D 106 have been bought commercially by Boeing.

In 2007 all Dutch Chinooks got more armor in the cabin and in the cockpit.

The Dutch D-version Chinooks have a Dutch unique cockpit design. The chinooks from the Air Force of Singapore have almost the same cockpit.


New Chinooks for the Royal Netherlands Air Force
After the crash of 2 chinooks (tailnumber D-104 & D-105) and a need for more air transport the Dutch ministry of defence decided to purchase 6 new chinooks to a total of 11+6=17. They want to get a total of 20 chinooks but there isn't yet enough money. The problem is that the type chinook the RNLAF is flying with, is no longer produced anymore. Because of that, there have been studies to purchase the new CH-47F version with the same cockpit which is now used.

The Dutch Ministry of Defence has now ordered 6 CH-47F helicopters, worth 389.5 million euro's. Delivering is scheduled between july 2009 and january 2010. The Chinooks will be equipped with an Avionics Control and Management System (ACMS) Block 6 cockpit from Honywell.

NL Missions with the Chinook
- Dutch Chinooks are used in a lot of operations like: Kosovo and Iraq.
- On 25 February 2005 the Dutch cabinet decided without a decision of the Government to send 165 Dutch Special forces and 4 CH-47D Chinooks to South-Afghanistan.
- In support of the large mission of Dutch armed force to Uruzgan, a unknown number CH-47D chinooks were send to Afghanistan. More info soon.

- On july 27, 2005 a Dutch CH-47D Chinook crashed in the Afghan city Spin Buldak on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan when it wanted to insert troops. The aircraft, one of two operating in the area at the time, was responding to reports of enemy activity.
The helicopter was not shot by enemy fire but by fire when the aircraft hit the ground. The crash was the result of "brown-out conditions". Brown-out conditions is when the rotor kick up dust and debris, reducing the pilots vision. This can occur dangerous landings. No one was injured in the incident.
- On 31 october 2005 a second CH-47D Chinook (D-104) from the Royal Netherlands Air Force was crashed 25 miles North-West of Bagram. The chinook was en route from Mazar-e-Sharif to Bagram air base. From the 17 passengers, 3 were injured and taken to the USA military hospital at Bagram Air Base. The others were taken to the Dutch detachment on Kabul International Air Port (KAIA).
The chinook could not be made anymore. That's why all usable parts have been removed. Then, on 13 november the remaining chinook have been destroyed with explosives.


7. Italy

8. Japan
Japan has CH-47J/JA Helicopters which are in service with the Japanese Air-self defence force.

CH-47J CH-47J  

15. South-Korea

CH-47 CH-47

16. Spain
The Spanish Army initaly bought 19 CH-47C helicopters which are designated as Chinook HT-17 and were delivered in 1972.
They were upgraded to CH-47D. Seventeen Chinooks are in service.
In January 2019, it was reported that all 17 CH-47D's will be upgraded to the CH-47F configuration.

21. United-Kingdom
The British Air Force (Royal Air Force or: RAF) has the CH-47 Chinook in the British version, the Chinook HC2. The RAF has the largest fleet of chinooks after the US Army. The British chinook can be armored with two M134 six-barrelled Miniguns and a M60 machine gun. The RAF flies with a standard crew of 4: 2 pilots - or a pilot and a navigator - and 2 loadmasters.

The RAF has used the Chinook during operations like: the Falklands conflict, North-Ireland, the 1e Gulf War, peace-keeping missions on the Balkan, evacuation from Sierra Leone and during Operations in Afghanistan and Iraq (Operation Telic).
The flight crew and ground forces are trained to operate for a large scale of mission, also on British aircraft carriers.


1. The Boeing Company
2. United States Army
3. Royal Netherlands Air Force
4. Royal Air Force
5. Italian Air Force
6. Canada receives 15th Chinook

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