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HMS Albion (United-Kingdom)

The HMS ALbion is one of the 2 a British amphibious ships from the British Navy belonging to the Albion class.
Specifications Albion class
Main builder BAE Systems
Length 176 meters
Beam 28.9 meters
Draught 7.1 meters
Displacement 18.500 tons
Propulsion Diesel-elektris
Thrust 2 x 6.25MW & 2 x 1.56MW
Maximum speed  
Cruise speed 17 knots
Range 7000 nautical miles
Crew 325
Armament 2 x Goalkeeper close in weapon system (CIWS), Seagnat Decoy System UAT Electronic Warfare System, 2 x 20mm close range guns 4 x Machine Gun positions
Payload 305 troops with overload of a further 405, 6 tanks or 30 armoured tracked carriers, 4 utility landing craft (of which each can transport a Challenger-2 tank ) or a hovercraft, 4 smaller landing craft which can transport each 35 troops
Aircraft / Helicopters Chinooks, Sea Kings, Merlins
Squadrons aboard 4 Assault Squadron
Systems 2 x Kelvin Hughes 1007 radars type 966 surveillancestype
Datum operational  
Ships of this class 2
User Britis Navy

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Last updated: August 16, 2010