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Hr.Ms.Rotterdam (the Netherlands)

The amphibious transport ship Zr. Ms. Rotterdam was the first of t2 LPD's for the Royal Dutch Navy. In 2007 a second ship will be added. The ship can transport one fully equipped marines battalion.
The ship has a landing platform deck where 2 helicopters can take-off at the same time. The ships can also be use as command ship during operations. The Zr. Ms. Rotterdam has been send to Liberia for a United Nations operations.

At the back of the ship is a gap where Landing Craft Utility ships can deploy Marines or material to the beach. On the deck of the ship is a helicopter deck where 2 helicopters can take off at the same time. Into the ship has a fully hospital been build which have been used during a operation in Liberia (2003-2004). The ship has also a command centrum which van be used during exercises and operations.
The ship is armored with 8 Browning .50 guns and 2 Goalkeeper 30 mm canons. Beside that the ship can transport 6 NH-90 or 4 Merlin/Sea King helicopters. The Royal Netherlands navy only has Westland Lynx helicopters and in the future NH90 Nato Frigate Helicopters. Much time they operate with the British navy.

Dutch Marines go out of the Rotterdam
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Last updated: August 16, 2010