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Navy Ships-->Multi-purpose frigates-->BNS Wielingen
BNS Wielingen

The BNS (F910) Wielingen is a multi-purpose maritime escort ship from the E-71 type in service with the Belgium Navy. The ship was launched on 20 January 1978.


In 1970 was decided to replace the 6 old guiders from the “Algerine'' type by 4 new escort ships. . The BNS Wielingen is one of them, the 3 others are: F911 Westdiep, F912 Wandelaar and F913 Westhinder.
In 1992 was decided to discharge F913 Westhinder in name of the reformation plan Delcroix.
In 2004 was decided to discharge F912 Wandelaar due to the strategic plan 2000 - 2015. The ship has been sold to Bulgaria.


The frigates from the Belgium Navy are having the following tasks:
- peace keeping operations during participation of the NATO Response Force (NRF)
- peace lay on operations
- defence diplomacy
- collective defence by the forces of Art V from the agreement of Brussel (WEU/EU) and Art 5 of the Agreement of Washington (NATO).

Length: 106.38 meters Actioradius: 6000 nautical miles
Width: 12.30 meters Fueltank: 285 ton
Depth: 5.60 meters  
Speed: 28 knots  
Crew: 156  


1 automatic canon 100mm CREUSOT LOIRE with a range against surface targets: 9nautical miles (NM) and a range against air targets: 4,4 NM. Cadans: 60 - 80 minutes.
1 launchfacility NATO SEA SPARROW with 8 missiles with a maximum range against airtargets of 8 NM. The speed of the missiles is Mach 2.5
1 launchfacility MM-38EXOCET with 4 missiles with a maximum range against surface targets of 23 NM and a speed about the mach 0.9
1 missile depthbomber 375 mm. This system was developed by BOFORS (France). .
2 launchfacility with 10 torpedo's ECAN L5 Mod 4 with a maximum range against submarine of 5NM and a speed of 35 knots.

Exploitation: Sensor, Weapon- and Command system SEWACO 4 .

- Combined air- and sea surveillance radar type DA05 from HSA (Dutch signal equipment).
- Combined firecontrol- and warningradar WM 25 from HSA.
- Combined firecontrol- and warningcamera EOS IR/video.
- Combined Kelvin Hughes Type 1007/SCOUT tactical navigationradar.
- Multiple EPM (Electronic Protective Measures) equipment.
- A medium frequency panoramic surveillance- and followsonar AN-SQS 510.

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Last updated: August 16, 2010