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Vasco da Gama

The Vasco da Gama is the first ship in the family of 3 new Standard frigates for the Portuguese Navy. The ship was launched in 1990 and came operational on 19 january 1991. The crew contains 130 people of which 19 officers and 13 for the helicopter.
The total length of the ship is 115.9 meters. The width is 14.2 meter and the ship has a depth of 6.2 meters. The ship is propelling by 2 diesel MTU engines and 2 GELM gas turbines.

100 mm guns, 20 mm guns,
2 x 4 NATO Sea Sparrow missiles
2 x 4 Harpoon long-range missiles
2 x 3 MK46 launch torpedoes
Vulcan-Phalanx anti-air missiles

Radar & Electronics
DA08 radar, MW08 radar, STIR radar, AN/SQS 510 Sonar. And a APECS II Lynx helicopter Mk95.

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Last updated: August 16, 2010