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Inventory weaponsystems Canadian armed forces

Grizzly   Badger TOW
Leopard C2 ADATS Beaver Eryx
Coyote M109A4+ Nyala & Mamba Carl Gustav
Cougar LG1 Marke II Aardvark M72
M-113A C2 Howitzer Krupp Crane .50 Cal HMG
Bison C3 Howitzer Galion Grader C6, C7, C8, C9
Husky BV-206 Backhoe C3A1, C13 grenade
Taurus ILTIS Jeep Track Excavator 81mm 61mm mortar
LAV III CH-146 Griffon Javelin, Skyguard GDF 005

Air Force    
CF-18 Hornet CT-133 Silver Star CT-114 Tutor
CP-140 Aurora CP-140A Arcturus CC-115 Buffalo
CC-144 Challenger CH-149 Cormorant CH-148 Cyclone
CT-142 Dash 8 CH-146 Griffon CT-156 Harvard II
CT-155 Hawk CC-130 Hercules CC-150 Polaris
CH-124 Sea King CC-138 Twin Otter Cc-177 Globemaster
CH-147D Chinook    

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Last updated: August 17, 2010