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Inventory weaponsystems German armed forces

Army Biber Dingo Puma Flying material
Wiesel M-113 Luchs G36 Tiger
Geopard Jaguar Fuchs G22 EC-135
Leopard 1 engineers tank Mars Wolf MP7 NH90
Leopard 2 A5 tank Roland Fennek MP5 Bo-105P
Büffel Skorpion Cobra MP2 UH-1D
BV 206 Ozelot Mungo MG3 CH-53G
Keiler PZH 2000 KZO Brevel Milan  
M113 FüFu PZH M-109 Aladin P1  
105 mm mortar Drohne CL 289 Luna X 2000 P8  

Air Force    
Eurofighter Typhoon    
UH-1D Bell AS 532 Cougar NH-90
A310 Airbus A310 MRT Airbus A-310 MRT medevac
A310 VIP A400M Airbus CL-601 Challenger
C-160 Transall C-160D Transall CH-53
Hawk Patriot Stinger
Roland T-37 B T-38 A

Navy Flying material
Frigates from the SACHSEN class  
Frigates from the RANDENBURG class Dornier DO 228
Frigates from the BREMEN class Sea Lynx Mk 88
Fastboats from the GEPARD class Sea King MK 41
Fastboats from the ALBATROS class  
Submarines from the 212 class  
Submariness from the 206A class Future
Schips from the BERLIN-class P-3C orion
Provisioning ships from the ELBE-class NH90 helicopters
Support ships from the Oste-class Corvettes from the K130 class
Special Provisioning ships from the RHÖN-class Submarines from the 212 class
Fuel delivery ships from the BOTTSAND-class  


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