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Inventory weaponsystems Japanese armed forces

Type-81 Surface-to-air missle 155mm howitzer
Type-87 anti-tank MLRS
Type-87 anti-aircraft  
Type-89 armored vehicle AH-1S Helicopter
Type-90 tank CH-47 J/JA Chinook Helicopter
Type-99 Surface-to-ship missle AH-64 Apache Helicopter

Air Force  
F-15J Peace Eagle F-4EJ
F-2A/B F-1
Boeing 747 C-1
UH-60J Blackhawk T-4
E-2C Hawkeye Patriot

Navy Flying
Destroyers from the "Kongo" Type SH-60J
Destroyers from the "Shirane" Type MH-53E
Destroyers from the "Murasame" Type P-3C Orion
Fleet support ship "Towada" Type US-1A
Minesweepers from the "Yaeyama" Type EC-135
Submarines from the "Harushio" Type  


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Last updated: August 17, 2010