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Inventory weaponsystems Norway armed forces

Leopard 1 A5NO tank M109-A3GN 155mm Howitzer
Leopard 1 A1NO tank Towed artillery M114/39 155mm
Armoured infantry NM-135 Surface-to-air-missiles RB-70
CV90-30 Mortars on tracked vehicles M125A1/A2 81mm
Armoured personell M-133 Mortars on tracked vehicles BV-206 BK 81mm
ERYX 137mm anti-tank NM 142/TOW II 149mm anti-tank
Carl Gustav 84mm anti-tank TOW I/II 127mm/149mm anti-tank
M-72 66mm light-anti-tank  

Air Force    
F-16 AM/BM (57x) DA-20 Jet Falcon (3x) Bell 412 SP (18x)
C-130J Hercules (4x) P-3C (4x) / P-3N (2x) Orion Lynx Mk86
Saab Safari trainers (15x) P-8 Poseidon Sea King Mk 43B
NASAMS surface-to-air missile (1x)    

Missile torpedo vessels from the Hauk class Coast Guard
Submarines from the Ula class Lynx
Minelayer Vessels in lease of the Navy
Landing crafts and miscellaneous support vessels  
Coastal artillery forts and 6 underwater installations  
Multi-purpose frigates from the Fridtjof Nansen classe (between 2005 and 2009)  
Missile torpedo boats (future)  

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Last updated: 2 January 2020