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Inventory weaponsystems Singapore armed forces 

Army   Anti-tank
Bionix 40.50 ATCC Armbrust
M-113 Light Strike vehicle (LSV) Milan
AMX 13-SM1 120mm mortar Spike
FH 2000 81 mm mortar  

Air Force    
F-16 Falcon F-5E/F Tiger A4SU Super Skyhawk
UH-1H Huey F-15SG SF 260 Sia Marchetti
CH-47D Chinook Maritime Patrol airplane C-130 Hercules
E-2C Hawkeye KC-135 Stratotanker Fokker Utility
AS 332 Super Puma Unmanned Aerial Vehicles FPS 117
Mistral AS-550 Fennec Oerlikon
Rapier FSC I-Hawk Giraffe

Navy   Weapons
Multipurpose frigates Anti-submarine patrol vessels Harpoon
Missile corvets Patrol vessels Gabriel
Missile gunships Landsort class counter mine Barak
Sjoormen class submarines Landing ships Mistral
Fokker 50 Maritime airplanes   Whitehead Torpedo
    OTO Melara


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